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Workplace Accidents

As accidents at work compensation claims solicitors we are here to help. We provide guidance and accident at work injury advice on a No Win No Fee basis.

We claim maximum compensation for the work injury.

Any no fault accident at work compensation claim will be investigated.

As solicitors we can instruct other accident at work injury claim experts to assist in proving your case including expert work place engineers, barristers and medical experts at no cost. Instructing experts will not mean any deduction from your accident at work compensation.

Every employer has a duty of care for the health and safety of their workers. Accidents at work compensation claims are caused they don’t just happen.

Work injury accident compensation claims usually arise when the employer fails in their duty of care, called “negligence.” If a work injury occurs the employee can claim compensation for the accident at work claim and all expenses and losses, including loss of earnings, bonuses, medical and care costs amongst others.

Accidents at work compensation claims happen all the time caused by the employers failing to provide any adequate safety protection, training and warnings about the dangers in the work place. This attitude will lead to accidents in the workplace claims and a successful claim for compensation for work related injuries made through solicitors.

If you would like any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Help When You Need It Most

Accidents at work compensation claims cost £millions to employers and employees each year causing time off work, reduction in productivity and pressure upon the NHS for medical care and costs. A work injury can devastate lives.

From fatal accidents to work-related head injures or loss of limbs claims. But it’s not just about serious injuries, other work injury accidents at work compensation claims can disrupt lives and families.

Even setting aside the work injury, it is not uncommon following an industrial accident at work compensation claim that the worker will lose pay, bonuses, overtime or even become redundant or sacked.

The financial stress upon the worker and the family can lead to other pressures such as mortgage and loan arrears, threats of mortgage re-possession an even separation or divorce. When you need help most we are here to help.

We offer:

  • Years of successful claims with all types of accidents at work claims
  • Free legal advice win or lose (also available to Union Members)
  • Expert Solicitor and Barristers’ advice on compensation awards for your injuries
  • Loss of Earning claims
  • Medical claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Care claims
  • Other losses and expenses claims

Making An Accident At Work Compensation Claim

We appreciate that making an industrial accident claim against your own employer can be uncomfortable or stressful. Naturally many workers ask the questions;

  • What will be the consequences if I claim?
  • Will I lose my job?
  • Will I be treated unfairly if I make a claim?

Thankfully, today, workers have many employment rights in the work place to prevent and deter such actions or attitudes by certain employers.

Furthermore as every employer must have employer’s liability insurance, it is the insurers who will pay the injury work compensation and therefore there should be little to worry about when making a work injury accident claim.

Type of Accidents At Work

  1. Slips, trips and falls at work
  2. Back injury or back pain due to an accident at the workplace
  3. Manual handling accident at work compensation claims
  4. Accident at work due to faulty or dangerous machinery
  5. Construction accident causing injury
  6. Exposure to dangerous or harmful substances
  7. Other work accidents causing injury

Back Injury At Work Compensation

Back injury at work are common in the workplace. Nearly 31 million days of work are lost due to back (spinal cord & muscle injury) in a report from the The Office for National Statistics.

Yet many accidents are preventable by employers if they undertake a proper risk assessment and provide suitable aids and equipment. For further reading on this subject, please see Manual Handling Claims & Back Injury At Work Claims.

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How to Make a Claim Video

The link below gives a detailed instructional video on how to Make A Claim due to an accident at work. If you believe you are entitled to compensation,

Accident At Work Compensation Claims Solicitors

As accident at work compensation claims solicitors we are always here to help. Our advice is always free win or lose. Please feel free to contact us for help, support or to make a claim for the injury. We offer a friendly and confidential advice at all times.

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