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Subcontractor Seriously Injured

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A subcontractor has been injured due to an accident which occurred on site where he was contracted to take out work.

On the day of the accident, the claimant was blowing up air bags when the claimant was asked to remove a nail from a flat piece of wood by one of his colleagues. The claimant then had to climb up a set of step ladders which was around two metres in height.

The claimant removed the nail from the piece of wood and at the same time, the horizontal support at the end of the structure snapped causing concrete blocks to fall on top of him from behind, which resulted in him falling and landing on his right hand side.

After the incident occurred, the claimant sought medical attention and found that he had suffered a compression fracture to his spine together with extensive bruising to his hip and back. He also suffered soft tissue injury to his back and an injury to his knee, neck, right shoulder, hip and pelvic area. This resulted in physiological problems for the claimant post accident.

The claimant was recommended physiotherapy sessions which he attended, but did not seem to benefit him.

What can I claim if I submit an accident at work claims against my employer?

As a result of the accident, the claimant suffered a serious loss in income as he could not return back to till 31 weeks post-accident.

The claimant also had out of pocket expenses as a result of travelling to and from the hospital, parking at the hospital and a care claim as the claimant suffered serious injuries his family had to take time off work to support the claimant in doing basic day to day activities.

“What are your charges?”

If you submit an accident at work claims with us, we work on a No Win, No Fee basis and we only take 12.5% of your compensation if you win. This is half of what you may be charged if you went to an alternative solicitors.

Here is a list of what you may be entitled to if you submit an accident at work compensation claim through us:

  • Compensation for your injuries.
  • Losses which you have suffered as a result of the accident which include income losses as a result of have to take time off work due to your accident, travel expenses which you have incurred travelling to and from appointments, a care claim if you have had to depend on someone taking time off work to look after you due to your injuries sustained as a result of the accident and any further medication which you have had to purchase.

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