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We are motorbike accident solicitors specialising in serious injury or fatal motorbike claims. As solicitors in this area of the law, we will claim the maximum compensation without fear or favour.

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Motorbike Claims

We are solicitors specialists in handling motorbike accident claims and fatal motorbike accidents with over 21 years of experience. We are dedicated to helping motorbike accident claimants who have been injured on the road by colliding with another vehicle, pot holes, slippery surface to mention a few instances.

We aim to obtain the maximum motorbike compensation for the injuries sustained. Serious injuries and motorbike accidents tend to go hand in hand. We are experts in handling serious injury motorbike claims and can deal with every aspect of the claim. Each case is individual. Some motorcyclists are more stoic than others, some need additional help and guidance to help them through a most difficult time in their lives

It’s not just the motorcyclist that is affected, it is also their family and friends. A financial strain is another stress aspect that motorbike solicitors with experience can help request interim payments from the other driver’s insurance company pending the final settlement of the serious injury claim.

4 Most Common Motorbike Accident Claims

The video below lists the 4 most common motorbike accident claims, the video gives a visual representation of the types of claims being made.


A typical financial loss claim involving a serious motorbike accident claim handled by solicitors:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Damage to motorbike/write off/repair
  • Recovery costs of motorbike
  • Storage charges of motorbike
  • Hospital/travel expenses
  • Insurance excess if any
  • Medical prescription charges
  • Hospital/medical/physiotherapy fees and charges
  • Motorbike boots
  • Motorbike leathers/clothing
  • Motorbike gloves
  • Motorbike helmet

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Transfer Your Motorbike Claim to Us

It is easy to transfer your serious motorbike claim to solicitors. In fact, we would be happy to speak to you about any claim minor or serious whether new or existing with another motorbike claim solicitor. Remember, you do not have to stay with or use your Insurance Panel Solicitors. It is easy to change and transfer your motorbike claim case to us. Whether you are not happy with the service or just want a second opinion on your case we will be pleased to help you.

Upon Transfer We Obtained £75,000 more when the Case Was Transferred To Us!

Still unsure about transferring your serious injury claim to us? Why not read one of our real cases, Mrs Walton transferred her accident claim to us after 4 years with her previous solicitors. She got an extra £75,000 after transferring her motorbike accident claim to R. James Hutcheon Solicitors.

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