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Injury Work Compensation – £5000 – Slipped Disc

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Workplace Accident Claim Injury Example:

Accident at work, worker injured due to straining his back whilst lifting heavy machinery from the work truck. A compensation claim by the accident solicitors who acted on behalf of an employee obtained £5000 compensation for the accident at work, injures sustained prolapsed disc to his back. Solicitors acted under a no win no fee agreement.

The accident at work claim was made when the employer delivering stock to a warehouse store sustained prolapsed disc due to lifting heavy machinery from the company’s truck. The injury was caused by a combination of lifting the heavy load and confined space causing unnatural posture and strain on his lower back.

The injured worker was advised to go straight to the accident and emergency hospital to seek medical attention. The doctor told him that he has done some damage to his back due to lifting the heavy machinery.

The injured worker was advised to rest as much as possible and was given pain killers to reduce the pain. The injured worker returned back to work 1 month from the date of the accident.  He returned to light duties for several months.  Whilst he had made a full recovery. from his injury within 2.5 years from the date of the accident at work, his employers agreed that his future work would no longer involve any heavy lifting.

The company’s health and safety department took the injury seriously and employees in the workplace now use low-tech sack trolley to avoid similar accidents.

Accident at work solicitors obtained compensation for £5000 for the work related accident. The injured worker also received compensation for expenses and loss of earnings.

The accident at work solicitors acted on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement and recovered all legal costs off the insurance company. The worker received 100% compensation and 0% legal costs.

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