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Manual Handling Accident Claims: The Manual Handling Regulations were introduced to reduce the number of of accidents at work.  Work related injuries due to lifting or handling heavy or awkward loads can cause an accident at work, usually resulting in back injury or back pain. Personal injuries due to incorrect manual handling can arise from a single occurrence or over a prolonged period of time.

Manual handling accidents at work may also occur not just because of the size and weight of the load, but also due to the personal attributes of the worker, such as size, strength and capabilities.   The risk of a work injury due to a manual handling accident is further increased if there are any obstacles in the way, by any unnatural reach, posture, excessive cold or heat, grip holds, distance and terrain to mention a few.

When solicitors are considering a manual handling claim due to a lifting accident at work involving manual handling, they will take into account the following:

  1. Did the work involve  twisting, stooping, bending, excessive distance, pushing, pulling?

2. Did the work allow for enough recovery time and sufficient rest?

  1. Was the worker too small, too big, have sufficient strength for the  job?

4, Did the worker suffer from any disability, health problems or was pregnant which may  affect the worker’s capability?

5. Would the worker require a greater knowledge or higher level of training to undertake the lift?

  1. Was the load relating to the accident at work unusually heavy or difficult to grasp?

7. Is the load awkward to carry, pathway uneven, slippery or unstable?

This is not an exhaustive list as each accident at work investigated by solicitors will be considered on its own particular facts.

Health and Safety Guidelines on Manual Handling Claims

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have provided useful information to employees and employers in respect of their responsibilities and duty to each other.  There are also free download for employers to help them develop a risk assessment to reduce the risk of a manual handling claim by solicitors.  The following information can be found on the HSE Manual Handling web site for reference.

  • Manual Handling Assessment chart – lifting, carrying, lowering to floor or low level surface;
  • Manual Handling Claims for the Assessment of repetitive tasks  – repetitive tasks, stretching bending, awkward posture.
  • Push/Pull tool – moving loads by pushing and pulling.

Manual Handling – Accident Compensation Awards

We have put together a summary of compensation awards for various work related accidents which we hope you find useful as a starting point. Every accident and injury at work is fact sensitive, which means that to appreciate how much compensation is payable for your injury you need to seek advice from the accident at work solicitors. We will be pleased to help you.

Heath & Safety Guidance on Manual Handling At Work

Below are some useful links for further reading to help you find what you are looking for:

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