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Whiplash Injury to 6 Months

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Whiplash injury compensation £2,700; 6 Months

How much compensation for whiplash injury for 6 months? In this case the road traffic accident happened when the Claimant was a front seat passenger in the car.  The vehicle was hit on the side when the Defendant car failed to stop at a junction.

Both passenger and driver where injured in the road accident claim.  The passenger was said to have made a full recover within 5 – 6 months from the accident.

As a result of the whiplash injury claim payout of £2,700.  However the passenger also was also nervous when travelling in a car for a period of 9 months following the accident and had to undertake some physiotherapy.

Whiplash injury claim £2,700

Whip lash Injury Compensation Calculator £1,500

In the same action the Driver of the vehicle also sustained whiplash injury.  She made a full recovery also within 4 months from the date of the road traffic accident but did not suffer any long term effects.  She was awarded.

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