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Whiplash Injury to 24 Months

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Whiplash injury compensation Solicitors.

How much compensation for whiplash?

Whiplash injury is valued by personal injury solicitors who specialise in road traffic accidents.  Below are some whiplash injury compensation claims, a ready made whiplash injury calculator of cases where compensation has been assessed by the court or lawyers and solicitors.  Please note that each case has had certain circumstances changed to protect the identity of the parties to the action which will include the whip lash injury compensation. 

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The whiplash injury calculator of cases are listed below to use as a guide only.  Please remember every case will be decided on its own particular facts and thus you must obtain independent advice from a personal injury solicitor to claim compensation.

 Whiplash Injury Compensation Calculator £3,500

The driver of the vehicle was travelling on a main road when hit was hit from behind by another vehicle.  As a result of the car crash claim the driver sustained personal injury, namely whiplash.  He did not experience any pain or discomfort at first.  Insurance details were exchanged.  That evening he began to experience pain in his neck which persisted the next morning.

He went to see his GP and was informed he was suffering from whiplash injury and thus sought advice from a whiplash injury compensation solicitors.

He took some pain killer for 2 weeks. He also developed some back pain.  When examined by an independent expert instructed by his injury claim solicitor he complained of some twinges in his lower back and pain to the right side of his neck.

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After about 14 months from the date of the road traffic accident crash, he had made a full recovery.  He did not pursue his hobby of 5 a side football for 2 weeks and required some help from his partner to help with everyday chores.

The whiplash injury solicitors can claim for the care and help received by the injured party for the time they have spent caring and helping.  Usually a claim above the minimum wage is claimed for the time spent.

Whiplash Injury Claim pay out £3,500 – 14 months pain and suffering

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