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Whiplash Injury to 12 Months

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How much compensation for whiplash?

Whiplash injury is valued by personal injury solicitors who specialise in road traffic accidents.  Below are some whiplash injury compensation claims, a ready made whiplash injury calculator of cases where compensation has been assessed by the court or lawyers and solicitors.  Please note that each case has had certain circumstances changed to protect the identity of the parties to the action which will include the whip lash injury compensation. Click here for our quick whiplash compensation injury calculator.

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The whiplash injury calculator of cases are listed below to use as a guide only.  Please remember every case will be decided on its own particular facts and thus you must obtain independent advice from a personal injury solicitor to claim compensation.

Whiplash injury compensation £3500; 12 Months

In respect of this whiplash injury claim, the claimant was driving his car when he was involved in a road crash.  His car was stationary at the time of the impact.  The Defendant drove into the rear of his vehicle.

The  Claimant was in his late 20’s at the time of the accident. He was off work for 2 days and restricted to light duties for a period of 21 days.  He needed help from his wife to help with domestic duties such as washing up and ironing which he did several times per week and could not manage any DIY around the house for about 4 months.  At the time of the court hearing the whiplash injury (to the cervical spine or neck) was reported by the medical expert to have resolved within 12 months from the date of the road traffic accident whiplash claim.

Whiplash injury compensation solicitors obtained £3,3500

Physiotherapy costs £140

Care Costs £400

Loss of Earnings £250

Total whiplash compensation claim valuation £4,290

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Whiplash compensation injury how much? £2,800  – 7 Months

A 50 year old female was driving her car when it was struck by a motorbike from the side.  The impact of the collision was to the driver’s side.  She sustained whiplash neck injury and sought compensation with her local solicitors. 

She did not wish to go to her own insurance company solicitor due to past experience.  She became aware that she did not have to use her car insurance solicitors.

After seeking advice to obtain whiplash injury compensation with her own lawyers.  She was medically examined and was advised by the expert that following examination some 2 months after the road crash she was advised that she would make a full recovery within 7 months from the date of the accident.

The compensation for whiplash injury was valued in the sum of £2,800.

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