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Whip lash claims

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Whip lash claims

Whip lash claims more accurately spelt “whiplash” injury compensation claims arises when an occupant in a motor vehicle, for instance, is involved in a road traffic accident.

Often it involves another vehicle colliding into the rear of another. The occupant in the front car that has been hit from the rear are “shunted” forwards and backwards.

This motion makes the neck (cervical spine) to pushed forwards and backwards in a rapid movement. This movement can lead to soft tissue injury to the neck which causes the classic pain resulting in a diagnosis of whip lash injury. Click here for our quick whip lash compensation injury calculator.

Whiplash Injury Claim Form

Whip lash injury compensation payouts can be obtained by instructing personal injury solicitors who will represent you against the other driver’s insurance company. Once blame has been established you will be sent to a specialist Doctor who will examine and report on your whip lash injuries.

Once the whip lash injury Doctor’s report has been sent to the personal injury claim solicitors that will form the basis to value the compensation.

The whip lash injury solicitor will then send the report to the Defendant (other party at fault) insurance company and all being, well, will reach an out of court whip lash compensation settlement.

Whip lash Compensation how much?

The amount of whip lash injury compensation is very dependent upon the individual facts of the road traffic accident. Some of the factors are as follows:

  • Whether liability for the whip lash injury claim is admitted in full
  • The seriousness of the whip lash injury claim
  • If there are other road traffic accident injuries other than whip lash
  • If there are allegations of fraud on the part of the road accident claim

Time to take to settle the whip lash injury claim

Whip lash Compensation how much? Sometimes a person simply wants to settle the whip lash compensation claim as soon as possible. Often as whip lash injury lawyers we are able to obtain fast but maximum whip lash compensation for clients but sometimes the insurance company for the Defendant will not co-operate. In these circumstances the whip lash injury solicitor will have to take court action or spend a bit more time to convince the insurance company that the whip lash claim is worth more than the offer they are prepared compensate for the whip lash injury.

Whiplash Injury Claim Form

The injured client will then have a choice. To either settle for the whip lash claim at a potentially lower amount of compensation but obtain their whip lash compensation quicker or hold out to achieve a greater reward of whip lash injury compensation payout.

If you have any questions regarding your whip lash injury compensation, either about making a claim or simply wanting a second opinion (if you already have injury compensation solicitors) then contact us. We are here to help you.

You do not have to use your Insurance Panel Solicitors

Please remember you do not have to use your insurance injury panel solicitors. By using them it does not mean your case will be handled any better or cheaper than by instructing us. In fact many of our whip lash injury compensation claims who have transferred their file to us has been as a result of the clients being unhappy with their own insurance injury panel solicitors.

Please contact us if you need any more information about starting a new whip lash injury claim or if you wish to transfer your road traffic accident whip lash claim to us.

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