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Volkswagen Diesel Compensation Claims

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Volkswagen Diesel Compensation Claims

Volkswagen Diesel Compensation Claims

The admission by VW about using “cheat” software on their diesel engines to affect the output data on vehicle emission testing so as to look “greener” has taken the industry by surprise and more importantly consumers who have purchased their vehicles in good faith. Got your recall letter from VW and wondering what to do? Click here: VW Recall Letter.

VW recall claims applies to the following manufacturers that fall within the VW Group.

The scale of the problem is only being uncovered and in the weeks and month to come more details will no doubt be revealed. Click on the link to register your claim for compensation NOW.

Volkswagen Compensation Group Action – Claim Form


Class Action Group v Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda

If you have purchased, leased or hired any of the above vehicles with a EA189 engine (you can verify this by checking your VSC documents or service book) then you may be entitled to claim compensation and losses of which see below. To be part of the Class Action Group v Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda please register your interest now on

Volkswagen Compensation Group Action – Claim Form

Consumer Rights Act

The VW admission about corrupting the vehicle emissions software could bring to the table the new Consumer Rights Act that has come into force in October 2015. This new piece of legislation could implement a similar style “class action” against large Corporations like VW where each consumer will band together in a group and if affected by the breach, will automatically be included in the court action unless they “opt-out.”

Our Solicitor, Mr Ronnie Hutcheon has expressed that anyone who believes they have purchased a VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda motor vehicle should register their interest with his firm immediately as there are no guarantees at this stage that the new Consumer Rights Act will be used. It is untried and tested at this early stage and only time will tell if the new Consumer Rights Act will be the better choice for victims of the Scandal.

Volkswagen Compensation Group Action – Claim Form

Volkswagen Compensation Claims – Diesel Fuel Emissions Recall

It is reported there are 1.2 million British cars affected by the Volkswagen Scandal. It is reported that the following vehicles were sold in the UK with the anti-emissions software:

  • 508,000 VW cars
  • 400,000 Audi vehicles
  • 132,000 Skoda vehicles
  • 77,000 Seat cars
  • 80,000 Commercial vehicles

It is mentioned that the “cheat device” fitted to the Volkswagen Group of vehicles may exceeded the output results by more than 40 timess. Volkswagen will now begin a recall of all affected diesel vehicles.

The question now is can you claim compensation against Volkswagen?

If you have purchased, hired, leased any of the vehicles listed above that have fitted a diesel engine, you may be able to claim. At this stage we do not know how far back the cheat software has been fitted and full details of all the cars affected but this will be revealed at a later stage. But in short, the answer is that there is a possible claim for compensation against Volkswagen as below:

  • Compensation for any depreciation of the vehicle as a result of the cheat software being fitted.
  • Increased fuel costs
  • Increased car tax
  • Out of pocket expenses and losses as a result of the issue
  • Refund of any company car tax allowance that may be affected by the emission testing

The law that solicitors will use to help make a claim against Volkswagen are:

  • Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumer Regulations
  • Misrepresentation Act 1967
  • Sale of Goods Act
  • Supply of Goods and Services Act
  • Consumer Rights Act (this is a new piece of law that comes goes live in October 2015)

Volkswagen Compensation Emissions Claim

A class action is likely and you need to register your claim. Please contact us now with your details so that you will be notified when an action for Volkswagen vehicle emissions compensation – Volkswagen Compensation Claim Form

Volkswagen Diesel Recall

If your VW has been recalled you need to contact us now so that your rights are protected and evidence preserved to make a claim.

VIN Number Checker

To check if your Volkswagen Diesel engine is affected email us with your VIN number and we will let you know if your car is affected.


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