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Swimming Pool Drowning

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Swimming Pool Drowning Claims

It is unfortunate that not enough children can swim. In a recent study, there were over 420 water-caused deaths. However and thankfully only a small number were swimming pool drownings. The highest fatal drowning accidents were found inland (or what solicitors consider are “activity based”).

Inland Drowning Fatalities

What parents must be aware of that many Inland drowning pool deaths outside of swimming pools or public baths, such as:

• Rivers
• Canals
• Lakes
• Ponds
• Canals
• Lochs
• Harbour
• Docks

It is important to note that many drowning deaths in such in-land places are often to older children and adults.

Biggest Cause of Deaths to children aged 1 to 4

It is claimed that for every swimming pool death from drowning another 10 receive emergency aid for non-fatal submersion injuries. Non-fatal drowning can cause brain damage resulting in life changing injuries which will have a devastating impact upon all concerned including, permanent loss of function, unable to walk, feed without help, memory problems, learning disability and in serious cases 24 hour care and support. Statistically, more boys than girls drown in swimming pools. Children aged 4-5 years, the drownings happen playing near to water and older children, the drowning occurs whilst swimming.

Life Guards at Swimming Pools

The Council who run public swimming pools will have lifeguards on patrol. However, even though they are specifically employed to scan the swimming pool and look for children and adults who may be in danger, unfortunately they may become distracted or simply fail in their vital responsibility resulting in drownings.

Schools and Council’s Responsibility to Children

If a tragic death or serious brain injury occurs due to drowning whilst under the care of a School/Local Council, which could have been prevented, the School and or Council will be liable to pay compensation for the swimming pool drowning. This is so even if the School, for instance, had a contract with a Company that specialise in teaching children to swim and the drowning occurred whilst in the Company’s care. The fact that the School had instructed another company to teach the children swimming did not prevent the School from defecting blame. The School will also be responsible in what the law calles “non-delegable duty of care.”

Contact the Child Injury Compensation Solicitors

Regrettably deaths and serious brain injury can happen following a child drowning in a swimming pool. The legal issues can be complex and the compensation award in £Millions especially if significant care will be required for the child. We are expert solicitors in life changing injuries and fatal accident compensation claims. We will handle every claim with compassion and efficiency so that the truth is revealed and those responsible exposed. By taking a compensation claim, it is more likely than not, that lessons will be learnt, new safety procedures adopted so that no other tragic swimming accident happens.

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