Plane Delay Compensation- Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Plane delay compensation Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Plane delay compensation payout by Virgin

Virgin Atlantic Airlines have been forced to pay out over £47,000 in plane delay compensation, distributed between 101 passengers, who suffered a massive 26 hour plane delay on a flight to the UK from Canada. The compensation pay-out comes as a follow-up from the recent Huzar vs Jet2 victory in the courts, which allows passengers to claim compensation for plane delays caused by technical faults.

In this case, the passengers were delayed after plane VS016 developed a fault just before it was due to fly to the UK from Montreal.

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In protest, the affected passengers set up a Facebook group to spread the word about their delay and connect with other passengers on the same plane. Social media has become a great way to publicise concern and complaints about poor customer service because of how easily accessible the data is to anybody all over the world.

Plane delay caused by technical fault with Virgin aircraft

The delay was caused by a fault with the aircraft’s fire detector circuit, rendering the plane unable to take off. The passengers were supposed to board their plane at 6:40pm but they had to wait until 9:20pm. At approximately 10:15pm the planes captain informed everyone that the fault had still not been rectified and everyone would have to get off the aircraft.

Everyone on plane VS016 was given a hotel room located near the airport for the overnight stay. However, according to the passengers, they all had to wait in a lengthy queue in order to get their room keys, not being able to check-in to their rooms until 2 in the morning. Food vouchers were also distributed amongst the holidaymakers but they were unable to use them due to a lack of supplies and a lack of staff. The group was picked up from the hotel at 1:30pm the following day and they managed to check in at the airport an hour later. They were finally allowed to board their aircraft again at 8:15pm and the plane departed at 9:35pm. The plane finally arrived at Heathrow at 9:49am the following day, more than 26 hours later than scheduled.

After contacting the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the group was told that they were eligible to claim for plane delay compensation under the EU Regulation 261. However, Virgin rejected their claim, citing ‘extraordinary circumstances’. The case was still pursued – it was then delayed pending the outcome of the Huzar v Jet2 case. After that case was found in the consumer’s favour, Virgin Atlantic were forced to pay out £476 to each passenger on plane VS016, adding up to a grand total of £47,600 in compensation for just one delayed plane.

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Plane Delay Compensation Virgin Claim Form

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