Plane Delay Compensation- British Airways

Plane Delays Compensation and British Airways

Plane delays can lead to compensation against British Airways if, for instance, your plane from Manchester to Alicante Airport by more than 3 hours or more. The other criteria for passengers to make a claim are as follows:

  • British Airways plane delay was within the last 6 years
  • British Airways plane delay was not due to an “exceptional circumstance.”

Plane delays compensation and “exceptional circumstances.”

It was thought by Airlines that if the plane delays were due to mechanical or electrical failures which could not routinely be detected by the usual service and maintenance of the aircraft.

Plane Delay Compensation British Airways Claim Form

This argument was put to the test in court but the airlines failed. Even if it was a mechanical fault with the plane, it did not stop the chance to make a plane delay compensation claim against British Airways or other Airline Companies that breach the EU Regulations.

The exceptional circumstances can be summarised as follows:

  • Severe weather, such as. Volcanic Ash Cloud
  • Traffic Control Strikes,
  • Terrorism,
  • Political Unrest,

As such examples are completely outside British Airways control, compensation for plane delays can be obtained

How to claim plane delays compensation and British Airways

If you fit the criteria in making a claim delayed British Airways plane claim (see above or click onto this link – Plane delay compensation ) then you could be entitled to compensation. Please contact us now for further information.

What do I need to claim plane delays compensation – British Airways

The information you need for any delayed plane compensation against British Airways are:

  • Name of airline company
  • Number of passengers
  • Flight number
  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • Dates of flight
  • Destination
  • How long was your plane delayed?

For further information see the following link:

Plane Delay Compensation British Airways Claim Form

Delayed plane compensation – What do I need to claim?

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