How to claim for flight delay compensation?

To claim for flight delay compensation is easy through us. If you answer yes to 4 simple questions you may have a claim for compensation and any family member or friend you flew with. Remember, Flight Companies are not making it easy to claim against them. There are £Millions at stake. If you are not willing to go to court yourself to obtain your compensation you should instruct a flight delay compensation solicitor.


To illustrate the flight delay companies stance, despite the Test Case in the UK ordering Airline Companies to pay out for delayed flight compensation, they have tried to avoid payments. However a County Court Case has Ordered that to delay the payment pending “another test case” is “Justice denied“. Please see our recent blog on this: Jet 2 fail to delay flight delay compensation

The UK Supreme Court Test Case on Flight Delay Compensation Claims

The Supreme Court in two test cases has confirmed that delayed flight compensation is payable to passengers even if the fault was due to a mechanical or technical problem with the plane. The airlines argued that this would come under the ‘exceptional circumstances’ similar to Air Traffic Control Strikes or Terrorism but they failed. The flight claim for compensation will come under EU Regulation 261.

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Flight delay compensation- The 4 questions:

1. Did your flight take off within the last 6 years?

If yes, you can still make a delayed flight claim. If it is at least 5 years ago we suggest that you seek advice from a solicitor immediately to prevent the possibility of your delayed fight claim being rejected for being too late. It is important you know that time to make a flight delay compensation claim only stops when Court proceedings are issued, not when the letter of claim against the airline is make.

2. Was your flight delayed by more than 3 hours?

This is the minimum requirement to make a delayed flight compensation claim. The longer the delay the higher the delay flight compensation you can receive.

3. Did the flight arrive/depart in EU Country?

To make a flight delay compensation claim you must appreciate that the delay must be within European Jurisdiction. Therefore you must answer yes to at least one of the following questions;

The airline flight must have:

  1. Taken off from a EU Country
  2. Landed in a EU Country
  3. The airline is based in a EU Country

For a list of EU Countries that Airlines must pay out compensation for delayed flights click her List of EU Countries for flght delays.

4. Was the cause of the flight delay the airline’s fault?

The airline has to be at fault to make a flight delay compensation claim. Therefore if the delay was due to ‘an exceptional circumstance’ such as:

  • Volcanic ash cloud,
  • Traffic Control Strikes,
  • Terrorism,
  • Political Unrest,

Then as the delay was outside of the airlines’ control no compensation for flight delays can be obtained. However do not forget, that if the flight delay was due to mechanical or electrical plane faults, this may not be a bar to make a flight compensation claim.

Get Your Flight Delay Compensation Now

We are expert consumer law solicitors and have recovered £Millions in compensation claims. We offer a genuine flight delay No Win, No Fee Service so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by instructing us to handle your flight compensation delay claim. Flight Delay Compensation Form.


We are Solicitors, NOT a Claims Management Company (CMC)

Please do not get confused with Solicitors and a CMC. A CMC should be regulated by the Ministry of Justice but they are often confused by members of the Public as Solicitors. They are not. CMC do not have to be legally qualified. Some CMCs may charge you an upfront fee.

Remember, if your case is denied, Solicitors are best place to represent you at Court, legally trained and qualified. Make sure you instruct a Solicitor to bring a flight delay compensation claim for you and your family.

See our YouTube Animated Gudie to Make a Flight Delay Guide – Flighty from Blighty

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The Authority for the Refund Flight Delay Compensation

The law that allows a refund to be made is set out in Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004

Flight Delay Compensation Video

For our light-hearted look at flight delay compensation claims please see our video Flighty from Blighty.

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