Flight Cancellation Compensation at Gatwick Airport

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Flight Cancellation Compensation at Gatwick Airport

The criteria on what you can claim for flight cancellation at Gatwick Airport are as follows:

  • Did your flight take off within the last 6 years?
  • Was your flight delayed by more than 3 hours as a result of the cancellation?
  • Did the flight arrive/depart in EU Country?
  • Was the cause of the flight delay was the airline’s fault?

If you answer “Yes” to each question you may well be entitled to Flight Cancellation Gatwick Airport Compensation with the Airline.

EU Airline Companies

List of EU Countries

In order to claim flight cancellation compensation the airline must be based for flew from or arrive at a EU Country. Click on this link to check the list of flight cancellation countries.

Flight Cancellation Gatwick Airport

If any of the above Airlines departed or landed at Gatwick Airport you may be entitled to flight cancellation; Gatwick Airport Compensation against the Airline in Question. For further information on how to make a claim contact us now – Flight Cancellation Compensation Claim Form.

Flight Cancellation Compensation Gatwick Airport Claim Form.

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