Flight cancellation compensation- Ryan Air complaint forms

Flight Cancellation Compensation- Ryan Air complaint forms

Ryan Air will pay flight cancellation compensation, if your flight was cancelled for 3 hours or more, were the cancellation was not due to exceptional circumstances, E.G.:

  • Acts of god – (severe weather, storms and snow).
  • Matters out of the airlines control -eg Terrorism.

Flight cancellation compensation Ryan Air claim form

If any passenger has experienced a flight cancellation of 3 hours or more as stated above each passenger could be entitled toup to £500 in flight cancellation compensation. Therefore it is worthwile contacting flight cancellation solicitors to make a claim.

Cancellation of the flight before the day of departure.

If your flight is cancelled more than 14 days before the day of departure, you are entitled to a refund but no compensation.

If your flight is cancelled between 7 and 14 days before the day of departure, you may not be entitled to compensation in certain circumstances.

How to make a flight cancellation compensation claim

The information you need to make a claim can be found on this link: Flight Cancellation claims information

Otherwise contact us by completing our online Ryan Air Airways compensation form: Flight Cancellation Compensation – Claim Form

Also direct claims can be made against Ryan Air by clicking the following link: Ryan Air flight cancellation compensation claims

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