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Passengers hoping for a smooth trip from the UK to India and back were left with a huge shock when traveling with Thomson Airlines.


Airline passengers were faced with double flight delays thanks to Thomson Airlines. The affected holidaymakers were left waiting in the UK for 7 hours. Then, the Thomson aircraft was due to land in Luton at 1.30am after flying from India on Monday, but it didn’t land until 8.30pm following a technical fault, so their flight home from India was delayed for a further 5 hours. The majority of the passengers had already lost a night of their holiday thanks to a bird strike which meant that the flight didn’t leave until 7am the following day when it was supposed to take off at 1.30pm the day before.

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One passenger, who was affected by both flight delays, said: “We’re going to Thomason to complain. To have two overnight delays on a week’s holiday is ridiculous. At least, we want a full refund for the flights and a bit of compensation for the day’s earnings lost and our transfers.”

Another passenger, who had to stay in a hotel following the delay, said: “We’ve had a lovely holiday but it’s been a nightmare, worst we’ve ever known. They looked after us in India but that’s beside the point. We should have been home Monday morning.” Yet another passenger, who had been in India with some of his friends, said “It was a hassle that we didn’t need. The holiday was brilliant; I give it a ten out of ten, but the Monday I would give a two.”

The flight delays were a huge inconvenience to passengers – Thomson put them all in hotels for the night, but they didn’t really have much choice. a spokesman for Thomson said: “We’d like to sincerely apologise to our customers for the delay to their flight…, which has been caused by an unexpected technical fault on the aircraft operating the flight. The flight that was cancelled the week before was affected by a double bird strike… and therefore required an inspection of the engines. We know how frustrating these delays are, and we’d like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding.”


It is important to act quickly to make a plane dealy compensation claim against Thomson Airlines or any other airline. Why? Because there are time limits placed on passengers making a claim and if you delay, you will lose the right to claim compensation.

To make a claim against Thomson Airlines or any other airline claim now by using our online contact form. For more information click on our link, Flight Delay Compensation or simply call us.

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