Flight Delay Major Airports in UK

Flight Delays Compensation – List of Airports

For those passengers who wish to claim for flight delays compensation below is a useful list of UK Airports that passengers may have used.

To claim delayed flight compensation you must have flown from a UK or European Airport with either a EU or Non EU Airline.

List of Flight Delay Major Airports in UK

EU or Non EU Airlines

Just one point to remember about claiming for flight delay compensation is that either the aircraft has to fly from a UK based airport if it was a non-EU aircraft company to a non-EU destination.

If the flight was from a UK airport to a EU Country then it matters not which aircraft company you flew from.  You will be entitled to delayed flight compensation.  The list of major airline companies are found in this link List of Airline Companies


List of EU Countries

To find out if your departure/arrival flight was within a EU Country that will qualify for flight delay compensation please click this link List of EU Countries.

Flight Delay Compensation

If your flight delay was due to the fault of the airline company from an UK and European Airport within the last 6 years you will be entitled to compensation if the delay was 3 or more hours.  The greater the delay and distance travelled the more flight delay compensation you will obtain.

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