VW Group Register

VW Group Register

The information here is of a generic nature concerning the VW Group Litigation. The attachments are listed below and are password protected. Should you require the password you must let us know by email quoting your name and reference number.

VW Compensation Claims.

Volkswagen have admitted using “cheat” software on their diesel engines to affect the output data on vehicle emission testing so as to look “greener” has taken the industry by surprise and more importantly consumers who have purchased their vehicles in good faith.

Click here:VW Recall Letter.

VW recall claimsapplies to the following manufacturers that fall within the VW Group.

The scale of the problem is only being uncovered and in the weeks and months to come more details will no doubt be revealed. Click on the link to register your claim for compensation NOW.

Volkswagen Compensation Group Action – Claim Form

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