Volkswagen Diesel Scandal – The Cars Affected

Volkswagen Diesel Scandal – The Cars Affected

The extent diesel emission scandal will run and run over the next few months. What we understand at this time is the VW Cars fitted with a EA 189 Diesel engine post 2009 to 2016 may have the “defeat software.”

What is the VW Diesel Scandal?

VW has admitted that it had used software under test conditions for its “EA 189” diesel engines hem produce lower emissions. Part of the VW Group includes Audi, Seat & Skoda motor vehicles.

VW Cars Affected by the Diesel Emissions Scandal

At this stage the following VW cars may be fitted with the EA 198 engine. You may receive a recall letter from Volkswagen to advise you that your vehicle needs to corrected. Generally they tend to be 1.2 Ltr, 1.6 Ltr and 2.0 Ltr vehicles sold between 2009 and 2016. The first two diesel engines will require a software upgrade whilst the 2.0 Ltr vehicles may also require new injectors to be fitted.

Volkswagen Mark 6 Golf 2009-2015

Volkswagen Mark 7 Passat 2009 – 2015

Volkswagen Mark 1 Tiguan 2009 – 2015

Volkswagen Jetta 2009 – 2015

Volkswagen VW Beetle 2009-2015

Volkswagen Polo2009-2015

Volkswagen Touran2009-2015

Volkswagen Scirocco2009-2015

Volkswagen Sharan2009-2015

For further reading please visit the autoexpress vw emissions scandal website.

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