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Delayed flight compensation has hit the headlines recently due to the two test cases that airlines defended all the way to the Supreme Court.

The two test cases dealing with delayed flight compensation dealt with what is called, under the EU flight delay compensation Rules, ‘exceptional circumstances.’ In short, the airline companies did not wish to pay out any compensation for flight delays if the cause of the fault was beyond the airlines control.

Examples of ‘exceptional circumstances’

The main reasons why airlines would not pay out for compensations for delayed flights were due to:

  • Mechanical failures on planes
  • Electrical faults on planes

The airlines considered that it was unfair for airlines to pay delayed flight compensation at it was out of their control. However the Courts took a dim view of this Defence and did not consider that it would fall within the exceptional circumstances.

Under the EU Rules, that some of the other examples are listed below:

  • Weather conditions i.e. the volcanic ash cloud.
  • Terrorism,
  • Political Unrest,
  • Air traffic control strikes in the UK or EU Country

EU Delayed Flight Countries

To establish if you have a delayed flight compensation claim you need to establish if your airline is from a EU Country or that flight took off or arrived at an EU Country. This is because the EU Laws Govern the compensation rules. For a list of EU Countries and others who follow the delayed flight compensation scheme please click on our EU Flight Delay Compensation Countries Link.

Make a Claim now for Delayed Flight Compensation

You could be entitled to £Thousands in delayed flight compensation especially if your flight was in a group or family holiday for instance as each passenger that is delayed is entitled to the compensation.

Contact us now to find out if you are entitled to delayed flight compensation.

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