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The legal issues surrounding fatal accident claims can be complex and demanding. As specialist fatal accident claim Solicitors, we appreciate that no compensation can replace the untimely death of a loved one.tence

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Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal accident claims can be complex and demanding. As specialist fatal accident and Inquest Solicitors we appreciate that no compensation can replace the untimely death of a loved one. Every death is a personal tragedy and we ensure that each case will be treated sympathetically. 

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We do understand that compensation following a fatal accident is often a secondary thought, but making a claim helps maintain financial stability and relieve the financial worry and stress that comes with losing a bread-winning spouse or partner.

Often a claim out of financial necessity as well as getting to the truth of what happened following a sudden fatal accident tends to be the dominant factors when family dependents instruct solicitors. It’s not just about compensation. Our specialist fatal accident claims team helps the family achieve a sense of justice by taking action against the Defendant to prove fault and to legally represent the family at the INQUEST to help investigate the cause of death.

Often the Defendant denies responsibility or the cause of death is not always clear, which is why expert legal advice from specialist fatal accident claims solicitors are required to achieve justice and to claim the maximum amount of compensation.

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As specialist fatal accident claims solicitors we can work for free win or lose so you have nothing to worry about. There is a limited time to make a claim so we make it easy for you to contact us. You can fill in our online form call us on 0800 011 2757   or 0151 431 0548  .You can also email us at:contact@hutcheonlaw.co.uk

We hope this website provides a useful and friendly resource to assist you on your choice of specialist fatal accident solicitors and to answer any query you may have on making a claim.

Who Can Claim Following a Fatal Accident?

Not everyone connected to the deceased can claim compensation following a fatal accident. The law limits the type of people who can claim. The word “family” and “dependants” are used to describe close family ties with the deceased such as children, wife or husband as this group of family members are often the most affected in a fatal accident claim and usually “dependant” upon the deceased.

Therefore the person(s) who can make a fatal accident claim on behalf of the deceased are those close family members who were in some way “dependant” upon the deceased before and at the time of death which include:

Also any person who was living with the deceased as husband or wife immediately before the accident and was doing so for at least two years prior to the accident may also be able to claim.

A fatal accident claim on behalf of the deceased can also be made if the deceased would have been able to claim compensation himself/herself at the time of death.

Dedicated Web Site – Fatal accident claims

The issues can be vast and far reaching and as such we have developed our dedicated fatal accident solicitor claim web site.  Please vist our Fatal Accident Solicitors for further information on this subject or simple contact us now, we would be happy to help you anyway we can.

Fatal Accident Claims Blogs

The following brief articles are from our fatal accident claims website:

Electrician died due to fatal accident at work.

It is believed the 32-year-old was taking part in work on a farm where he was contracted to fit and erect safety netting on a barn extension when his ladder came into contact with an 11,000 volt power line.

The deceased was thrown 20ft to the ground and was transported to hospital by an air ambulance when he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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Fatal Accident Solicitor – Ronnie Hutcheon

This is my blog for the past month concerning enquires made to my firm from our website or recommendation by clients and third parties to seek professional, caring and sympathetic legal advice from the specialist fatal accident car claims solicitors.


Road Accidents – All 5 Occupants in Car Killed

This is a very tragic road accident where all occupants in the car were killed.  All passengers and the driver were teenagers. In represent two of the passengers an action is to be made against the driver of the vehicle (also killed in the accident).  As usual in all road traffic accident claims, the passengers will usually be innocent and a fatal road accident compensation claim will be made against the driver of the vehicle they were travelling in and/or the other driver in the third party vehicle who may also be at fault.

The consequences of the sudden death of all teenagers to the bereaved families are un-imanginable.  Yet the compensation for the loss of a children is an insult.  Join our campaign and help us change the law for bereavement compensation

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Fatal Car Accident M25 – Young Sisters Killed Home > News > Fatal Car Accidents > Fatal Car Accident M25 – Young Sisters Killed

Car Deaths – 2 Sisters killed, horrific motorway accident M25

Two young sisters were killed when they were thrown from a car in a horrific crash which closed the M25.  The tragic fatal car accident is reported in the Daily Mail which provides:

“The girls, thought to be aged six and 10, were hurled up to 20 feet from the car as it overturned at high speed and spun onto the embankment. A man in his mid-to-late-twenties who was in the back seat was also killed. He had to be cut from the wreckage. The driver is being treated in hospital after the accident w hich happened on the clockwise section of the orbital motorway, between Potters Bar and Enfield, atabout 3am.”

Fatal accident at work compensation- Worker dies due to fall from roof Home > News > fatal work accidents > Fatal accident at work compensation- Worker dies due to fall from roof

Fatal accident at work compensation– Worker dies due to fall from roof.

It is believed the 54-year-old contracted employee was taking part in work on a large loft conversion on a local property when a ladder he was using collapsed and he was threw over the scaffolding handrail into a neighbouring garden.

An investigation took place and it was revealed that the scaffolding used to protect workers from any possible falls but it was not up to standard.

It is believed the deceased was hospitalised for 17 days post-accident were he sadly died.

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