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As expert child injury claim solicitors and child accident solicitors we appreciate that when a child suffers from an accident causing injury it can be extremely traumatic to the child and parents. Every year thousands of children are injured through no fault of their own and have to suffer from injury, disfigurement and/or disability.

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Child Injury Claims

Due to a change in the law, from April 2013,  Solicitors are allowed to take up to 25% of your child’s compensation if the case is successful.  We are expert Child Injury Solicitors and we can offer 0% fee.  Your child may receive his/her child injury compensation without any deduction in respect of our costs.  To go elsewhere can be very expensive.  Contact us now for details.

In law an individual is classed as a child if they are under 18 years of age.  Many accident and child injuries by children are caused by:

Children Accident Claims

Whether the accident to a child is minor or major we can help you and advise you in clear terms if there is a reasonable prospect of making a successful claim for compensation for the child injury and financial losses. Many children’s’ injuries are due to the fact that they are inquisitorial and it is in their very nature to explore.  Children are absorbed by their surroundings and are often not aware of any immediate dangers.   Boys are injured by showing off or playing “dare” among friends.  In fact statistically boys are more likely to be injured than girls.


Car accident claims are a common injury for child passengers.  Often claims will be met by the other driver who is at fault but a compensation claim may also have to be made against the parent or person driving the car the child or children were travelling in if that person was in whole or in part to blame for the accident.

Whiplash injury to child

Car Accident & Child Injury

Fatal Car Accidents – Child, Mother, Father

Bike Accident to Child

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