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Whiplash Injury claims

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Whiplash Compensation and Solicitors

Whiplash compensation claims are the most common injury solicitors deal with when handling road traffic accidents. The skill by the whiplash injury solicitors is to ensure that the correct medical expert is instructed to report on the whiplash claim to advise upon the extent of the injury. Once the medical report has considered, the whiplash injury solicitor will then be able to value the claim for whiplash compensation.

What is Whiplash?

In simple terms, the most common form of whiplash injury claims solicitors deal with is when a motor vehicle is involved in a “rear end shunt.” That is another car fails to stop and collides into the rear of the car in front. When this happens the force of the shunt can cause the neck to “flex” forward and backwards causing soft tissue injury to the neck (cervical spine) thereby causing pain.

Whiplash injuries claims following a rear end shunt often causes other injuries to the middle and lower part of the back. Headaches are often a complaint. Obviously if the road traffic accident claim involves a high impact collision, then more serious whiplash injuries can occur as well as other serious injuries to other parts of the body, including fatal road traffic accidents.

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