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Whiplash compensation average payout

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Whiplash compensation average payout 2014

It is difficult to assess the average whiplash compensation payout as it is dependent upon many factors such as the individual, the force of impact of the vehicles and whether liability for the road traffic accident has been admitted.

In a survey from APIL almost 90% people who claimed to have suffered from a whiplash injury claim has had this backed up by their own GP or an independent doctor.

47% of whiplash injury payouts resulted were due to claimants symptoms being played down as less serious than they were, because they did not want the fuss.

In this survey a third of whiplash injury claims recovered within a month, three quarters within six months, but that one in five whiplash injury claims had symptoms for more than a year. Click here for our quick whiplash compensation injury calculator.

What are the Whiplash compensation average payouts?

The factor are always fact specific as mentioned above. However for a whiplash injury guide to valuing a whiplash claim and as expert whiplash injury solicitors in this area of law we have devised this web site to provide some guidance to value the whiplash injury payout you can expect to receive.

Average whiplash injury compensation payouts 2014

Following a change in the law in 2013, there has been a significant shift to whiplash injury victims and indeed, all personal injury claimants, to have some financial liability when instructing a solicitor. The Government also wanted to curb the so called and often mooted “personal injury compensation culture.”

As a result of the change in the law in April 2013, all personal injury claim solicitors have had their costs dramatically reduced to the extent that in order to allow personal injury claimants access to a solicitor, they will have to pay them up to 25% of their own whiplash injury compensation. This payment from client to solicitor is new as it was against all ethical and professional practices that injury claim solicitor could take any of the compensation from their injured victims. Indeed injury solicitors have been stuck off the solicitors roll for doing so in the past.

As a result of this change in the law, the Government has raised all whiplash compensation claims by 10%.

Therefore when looking at the whiplash compensation average pay out figures you have to bear in mind that since 2013 whiplash claim payouts have increased by 10% and thus in 2014 many pay outs for whiplash will be reflected in the 10% rise. But many will not and therefore it is in any event important that you seek advice from expert whiplash injury solicitors to ensure that your average payout is not average but the maximum whip lash injury compensation you can obtain.

Maximum Whiplash Injury Compensation payout not average 2014

Contact us now for expert advice. Even if you have a personal injury lawyer dealing with your road accident claim we can still help if you are not satisfied with their advice or service.

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