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The potential scale of UK compensation against VW (Volkswagen) is mind-boggling. It is estimated that around 1.2 million vehicles will be recalled in the UK alone. At R James Hutcheon Solicitors we have received over 500 calls, emails and VW Claims over the past 4 days.

Vehicle recalls have happened in the past, even on large scale, but over time this has not affected the ‘brand’ of the vehicle manufacturer. However the ‘VW Scandal’ is somewhat different as it goes to the root of trust. If what has been said is true, that Volkswagen had used cheat software to sell its diesel engines as ‘cleaner’ or ‘greener’ than what they were, the damage to its reputation may take years to repair, if at all.

It’s not just VW Vehicle owners but also shareholder who may have lost out on the value of VW shares.

Whilst in the past vehicle recalls for mechanical faults were a flaw in the process or design that the manufacturer will pay to rectify, this appears to be different. The VW Scandal could be considered as deliberate and VW customers have been misled. The VW recall is another level of corporate culpability.

VW Scandal

It has been said in the press that the cheat software used during diesel testing is a scandal. But what can VW customers do now? Certainly our principal Solicitor Mr Ronnie Hutcheon believes that the first step is to register a VW Compensation claim. This can be with the dealer who sold the vehicle or against VW direct. He explains:

“it is early days about what VW customers can claim and the awards of commpensation payable. It is only over a period of time will the legal position be clearer. In particular when the ‘fix’ to the diesel engines have been undertaken and any implications arising from the recall process.”

I Want To Sell My VW Car Now!

We have had many irate customers who no longer want their vehicle. They relied upon the Volkswagen brand and reputation of selling fuel efficient ‘clean diesel’ vehicles, but now, as a matter of principal, would rather return them now and get their money back. Some VW Owners have said they are having difficulty in selling their vehicles. The position at this moment is that if you do sell your VW vehicle and it is below market value as a direct result of the VW scandal, you must keep all the documentation to confirm the loss. Even here, at this stage, there is no guarantee that the loss sustained may be recoverable in whole or in part. VW customers will have to be patient and await the outcome of the ‘fix’ and the legal proceedings that are considered likely.

VW Compensation Group Register

Claim VW Compensation now as a result of the emissions scandal. Once your VW claim is registered with us, you will receive regular updates on your case all under a no win no fee service.



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