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Teeth Injuries to Children

Many parents wonder if their child should receive a compensation claim after a dental or mouth injury. Children with any of the following symptoms should be evaluated by a medical expert…

  • If there is pain, tenderness, or sensitivity (to hot/cold or pressure) in a tooth
  • If there is a broken, loose, or missing tooth after trauma (the tooth could have been inhaled or swallowed)
  • If there is bleeding that does not stop after applying pressure for 10 minutes
  • If there is pain in the jaw when opening or closing the mouth
  • If there is difficulty swallowing or breathing
  • If there is an object stuck in the roof of the mouth, cheek, tongue, or throat (do NOT remove the object)
  • If there is a large or gaping cut inside the mouth or on the face
  • If the child could have a puncture in the back of the throat
  • If there is a cut on the lip that extends through the lip’s border into the surrounding skin
  • If the child is weak, numb, or has blurred vision or slurred speech

Here is our video guide on dental teeth compensation awards:

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