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Skoda Diesel Claims VIN Checker

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Skoda Diesel Claims VIN Checker

Skoda have set up a webpage to check to see if your car has been affected by the Skoda Diesel compensaiton “cheat software.” You may be aware that Volkswagen do own a majority stake in Skoda and thus any CO2 emissions claim for compensation will be through VW on behalf of Skoda or at least that is the likely route but this may change.

Skoda claim that the following vehicles are not part of the VW Scandal:

  • New vehicles with EU6 engines currently available are unaffected
  • All petrol models are unaffected

Skoda say that technical solutions are being developed and will be presented to responsible authorities before the end of October

    Vehicle Idenfification Number (VIN)

    Your Skoda will have a VIN number which will tell you if your engine has the affected software to that you can make aSkoda Emissions claim and thus register your interest with us. Each Skoda has a unique VIN code which is found on your Seat without having to open the bonnet.

    Your VIN on Your Skoda?

    The are usually found in the following places on your Skoda vehicle:-

    • Service book
    • Windscreen – bottom corner – looking from the outside of the vehicle.

    VIN Skoda Checker

    Click on the following link to see if can claim compensation; Skoda Emissions Compensation Checker.

    Skoda Emissions Compensation Register

    Once you have checked your vehicle, and your Seat diesesl engine is has been affected by the scandal you may register your claim with us now. The Skoda Owners Diesel Emissions Group Action Register.

    Once you have registered your interest to make a claim with us, we shall let you know of the procedures invovled. For further information please see our Skoda Diesel Compensation Claims Register.

    What Skoda Are Saying

    “How to check if your vehicle is affected

    We have developed a simple ‘self-service’ website, so you can see if your vehicle has been affected. All you need to do is enter the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) details of your car.

    How to find your VIN

    You can find your VIN in the front of your service book or at the bottom of your windscreen (as you look into the vehicle from the outside).

    The VIN will look like this:

    Take care when you enter the VIN details of your vehicle. Failure to input these correctly could return an incorrect result.”

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