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Plane Delay Compensation – EasyJet

Recently, the captain of an EasyJet plane from Manchester to Barcelona had to ask for volunteers to leave his plane because it was deemed ‘too heavy’ to fly, harsh winds meaning the aircraft’s weight would have made it too risky to take off if full.


EasyJet offered £250 compensation for each passenger who decided to leave the plane, an Airbus 319, with a capacity for 156 passengers. The unusual incident occurred at Manchester Airport. The plane was left stationary on the tarmac for more than an hour while the staff were trying to gather enough volunteers. Eventually, 10 passengers were selected to leave and they were given £250 compensation each for the inconvenience.

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One holidaymaker from the flight spoke out on the situation, saying:

The biggest mystery is the fact that they asked exactly ten passengers to leave. However, some were fat, some were thin, some had luggage and some didn’t. Quite a few people put their hands up and EasyJet just selected a few at random. How can they be sure this brought the plane down to a safe weight? It’s not very reassuring.”


An EasyJet spokesman confirmed that some passengers were asked to take a later plane due to the weather conditions at Southend meant the aircraft would be too heavy to take off with all on board. Like all airlines, we calculate weight using high average estimates for males and females, along with 20kg baggage. In line with EU rules, the passengers who did not travel on the flight were offered £250 plane delay compensation and a transfer on to an alternative flight to Malaga. EasyJet would like to apologise to the passengers for the delay to their journey.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that an incident like this has happened. Dozens of passengers were forced to get off an EasyJet plane four years ago and threatened with arrest if they didn’t oblige because the plane was too heavy to take off. This plane was overloaded with 10 tonnes in fuel excess, meaning that 37 people had to get off. It’s nice to know that EasyJet are causing their own plane delays by putting too much fuel onto their aircraft. We are currently acting for thousands of clients. We are here to help if you have been the victim of a holiday-ruining plane delay, cancellation or re-routing.


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