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Plane delay compensation

Plane delay compensation claims are now approved by the Supreme Court. Delayed plane compensation could lead up to £thousands for families or groups going on holiday. A full refund can be obtained so don’t be left out of pocket – make sure you know your rights! You’re protected by the Denied Boarding Regulation if you’re flying with an EU based airline, or a non-EU airline flying from an EU airport.

Claim Plane Delay Compensation Now:

Just answer Yes to all of the following 4 questions-

Question 1. Did your plane take off within the last 6 years?

Question 2. Was your plane delayed by more than 3 hours?

Question 3. Did the plane depart in an EU Country?

Question 4. Was the cause of the plane delay was the airline’s fault?

If you answer Yes to all of the above you will have a right to make a claim for compensation for plane delays. Do not forget, it is not just you that can claim but everyone who flew with you on the plane! Also take advantage of our Plane delay No Win, No Fee, No Worry Service: Contact us now to make a plane delay plane claim.

What is the Denied Boarding Regulation?

The regulation states that the airline has an obligation to offer you assistance if your plane delay is expected to go beyond a certain point. If you’re travelling with a non-EU based airline flying from a non-EU destination, the airline doesn’t have the same duty to look after you, so you cannot make a plane delay compensation claim.

The Denied Boarding Regulations applies if:

• You have a confirmed booking.
• You checked in on time, or if no check-in time was given, then at least 45 minutes before your flight was scheduled to depart.
• You’re departing from an EU airport.

Plane Delay Compensation Claims

To see if you can claim for plane delay compensation you need to answer Yes to 4 questions, for further information see our Plane Delay Compensation – All You Need to Know.

Your entitlement for plane delays:

Under the Denied Boarding Regulation, your plane delay compensation entitlement depends on the length the plane delay and the length of your flight.

Plane delay length requirements:

• If a plane travelling under 932 miles (for example, London to Venice) is delayed for at least 3 hours.
• If a plane within the EU that is travelling more than 932 miles (for example, London to Athens) is delayed for at least 3hours.
• If a plane that isn’t within the EU but is travelling between 932 and 2,174 miles is delayed for at least three hours.
• If any other plane is delayed for at least four hours.

See Which Consumer Guide

If you believe that you are entitled to plane delay compensation, contact us today for free advice on 0151 431 0548 or free phone 0800 011 27 57.

Supreme Court – Current position on plane delay compensation claims.

Test Case Jet2 v Huzar which is currently being appealed by the airline company Jet2: The full judgement on plane delay compensation claims to read.

Test Case Dawson v Thompson Airlines – further test case to consider that is being appealed regarding plane delay compensation claims.

Delays on the cards for plane compensation claims: Easy Jet had grounded my plane delay compensation claim.

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