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How much compensation for whiplash?

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How much compensation for whiplash?

As specialist compensation for whiplash solicitors, we are often asked how much compensation for whiplash injuries.

In reality, clients must be aware that every case is individual and will be decided on its own facts of the case which will include the following:

  • The psychological effects of the compensation whiplash injury upon the client
  • The severity of the whiplash injury claim:-
  • The extent of the whiplash compensation injuries
  • How long was the pain and suffering?
  • When did the client make a complete recovery from the whiplash pain?
  • Did the client make a full recovery from the compensation whiplash injury?
  • Where there other injuries other than compensation whiplash to take into account?
  • If liability for the road accident whiplash compensation was admitted.

Whiplash Injury Claim Form

The following answers the majority of question: How much compensation for whiplash injury?

Compensation for whiplash injury to 6 months

Compensation for whiplash injury to 12 months

Compensation for whiplash injury to 24 months

Compensation for whiplash injury to 36 months

Whiplash compensation solicitors – via Own Insurance Panel?

If you have made a whiplash compensation claim or are about to start one, you must note that you DO NOT have to instruct your own insurance company’s whiplash compensation solicitors. It does not mean it will be less fuss or that you will obtain a better service than us. All you need to do is pick up the phone and we will be there for you and help you every step of the way.

Not satisfied with your Own Insurer Solicitors?

If you have already made a whiplash compensation claim with your own insurance company solicitor who do not have to continue to use them if you are not satisfied with the service. Indeed the vast majority of whiplash compensation claims that transfer to us are as a result of them not been happy with their own insurance whiplash injury solicitors. It may seem a hassle to transfer your claim but it is easy.

You simply need to sign an authority which we will draft for you and this will be sent to your whiplash compensation solicitors. They are then under a duty to send your whiplash injury file to us and we will take your claim over.

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