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Flight Cancellation Compensation – All you need to know.

How to claim compensation for your cancelled flight

If your flight is cancelled, we will fight the airline involved on your behalf.  The amount of compensation you may be entitled to is calculated using the following factors:

  •       The distance between the airports of your destination; and
  •       The length of delay the cancellation caused

The reason why the flight was cancelled and the airport you flew from can also be important factors in determining whether you have a claim.

You may be protected by the Denied Boarding Regulations.

In addition to your compensation, you may also be entitled to:

•             Free meals and refreshments

•             Free accommodation and transfers if an overnight stay is required.


Cancellation of the flight before the day of departure.

If your flight is cancelled more than 14 days before the day of departure, you are entitled to a refund but no compensation.

If your flight is cancelled between 7 and 14 days before the day of departure, you may not be entitled to compensation in certain circumstances.

Before you submit your claim to us, please ensure that:

i)             You have your Confirmed Booking Reference.

ii)            You checked in on time or if no check-in time was given, you were at your departure airport at least 45 minutes before your flight was scheduled to depart.

iii)           You departed from an EU Airport or from a non-EU Airport but flying into an EU Airport.

Flight cancellation compensation checklist

1. Was your flight cancelled within the last 6 years?

We can still act for you even if your claim was initially rejected by the airline. 

2. Was your flight delayed by more than 3 hours as a result of the cancellation?

The longer the cancellation, the more compensation you may receive.

3. The flight needs to be cancelled in, or the airline based in a EU Country?

4. Was the cancellation the airline’s fault?

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We are expert consumer law Solicitors; we are NOT a Claims Management Company. We offer a genuine flight cancellation No Win, No Fee Service so you have nothing to lose by instructing us to handle your flight compensation cancellation claim.  Flight Cancellation Compensation Form.

A CMC should be regulated by the Ministry of Justice but they are often confused by members of the Public as Solicitors. They are not.  CMCs do not have to be legally qualified.  Some CMCs may charge you an upfront fee.

Remember, if your case is denied, Solicitors are best placed to represent you at Court, legally trained and qualified. Make sure you instruct a Solicitor to bring a flight delay compensation claim for you and your family.

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The Authority for the Refund Flight Cancellation Compensation

The law that allows a refund to be made is set out in  Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004

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