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Delayed Leukaemia Diagnosis

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Late Diagnosis of Leukaemia Compensation Claims

We are often asked How do I claim compensation for a late diagnosis for leukaemia cancer? Please see further below but to understand about making a claim we have provided some information, statistics and prevalence of the cancer.  As with most cancers if it is detected early the survival rates and quality of life after treatment or surgery result in much better outcomes. But if there have been mistakes by a misdiagnosis or delays in diagnosis or treatment, as specialist solicitors we can help you claim compensation for the unnecessary pain and suffering.  If a loved one has sadly died, we can help claim compensation on behalf of the deceased’s estate, usually the next of kin of the surviving partner, husband or wife or children of the deceased.

Leukaemia is the cancer of the white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting infection in the body. White blood cells are formed in the bone marrow, a spongy material that fills the bones.

This type of cancer effects the white blood cells of the body in such a way that that instead of growing and developing normally. Grow out of control yet do not mature. This prevents bone marrow from producing healthy white blood cells. Read more on what Leukaemia is following the link below.

See: Leukaemia – What is leukaemia? (

According to statistics gathered by Cancer Research UK Leukaemia is the 12th most common cancer in the UK, accounting for 3% of all new cancer cases. This type of cancer is predominantly found in males, with 60%.

In terms of incidence, Leukaemia is strongly related to age, with the higher incidence rates being found in people of a higher age. On average between the years 2015-17, 38% of cases were of people aged 75 and above.

There are currently 10,100 new Leukaemia cases in the UK every year, averaging out 28 per day.

The projected incidence rate of Leukaemia is set to rise by 5% between 2014-35.  If you believe you have either been misdiagnosed with Leukaemia or diagnosed late which has caused you suffering, you may be entitled to make a claim, follow the link below to get in touch to make a claim for clinical negligence.

See: Contact Us | Hutcheon Law

In terms of mortality, Leukaemia is responsible for 4,700 deaths in the UK per annum, and as advised above, it is the 12th most common cause of cancer death, particularly in older people. Leukaemia is prevalent in people aged above 75; with 59% of all deaths being people aged over 75.

Due to Leukaemia being predominantly genetic, there are not many precautions to take in terms of prevention.

However, 12% of Leukaemia cases in the UK are deemed to be preventable according to Cancer Research UK. 9% of Leukaemia cases are due to ionising radiation, whereas 3% is due to smoking and less that 1% due to workplace exposures.

It is vital that if you have Leukaemia in your family, that you are tested frequently in order to combat the disease if needed; airing on the side of precaution is always wise however if you do not have it in your families genes.

See: Leukaemia (all subtypes combined) statistics | Cancer Research UK

How to Spot the Signs:

Due to Leukaemia symptoms varying depending on the type of Leukaemia, it may be difficult to spot the initial signs.

However, there are common symptoms that you should look out for and seek immediate medical assistance if you are currently experiencing any of the below symptoms:

  • Fever / Chills
  • Persistent Fatigue / Weakness
  • Frequent / Severe Infections
  • Unexplained Rapid Weight Loss
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Recurring Nose Bleeds
  • Easy Bleeding / Bruising
  • Small Red Spots on Your Skin
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Bone Pain / Tenderness

If you have / are experiencing any of the above, seek the advice of a medical professional.

There are more symptoms that you could be experiencing as well, follow the link below to get a detailed understanding of the symptoms of Leukaemia.

See: Leukaemia – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic

Stages of Leukaemia:

There are four main stages to leukaemia, each progressively worse. It is important to understand the stages as a reference to the impact an early diagnosis would have on the survival rate of the cancer.

The four stages include:

Stage 1: Patient has high levels of white blood cells and enlarged lymph nodes.

Stage 2: Patient has high levels of white blood cells and is anaemic, may also have enlarged lymph nodes

Stage 3: Patient has high levels of white blood cells, is anaemic, may also have enlarged lymph nodes and liver / spleen

Stage 4: Patient has high levels of white blood cells and low platelets, may also be anaemic; have enlarged lymph nodes and have an enlarged liver / spleen.

See: Stages of Leukaemia | Moffitt


How Can I Make A Claim?

If you received a misdiagnosis or delayed cancer diagnosis, you should be able to claim for medical negligence.  For more information on who can claim see our specialist website: dependency claims, who can claim.

When a loved one has died due to misdiagnosis of cancer, it’s possible to recover compensation on their behalf. You may be able to claim if you are the spouse or child of the deceased, or if you’re the parent of a child. Often there is a three-year time limit after the date of the death to make a claim so you must provide your solicitor with instructions quickly.  The three year period may be extended. However, the sooner a claim is made the better.

In any case, a delay to cancer treatment often means the disease could spread further, reducing the chance of survival. If you can prove your delayed cancer diagnosis was caused by medical negligence, then you may have a claim.

If you think you are eligible for a Clinical Negligence Claim. Call On: 0151 724 7121. Or, get in contact via our:

Website: Contact Us | Hutcheon Law

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