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Court Funds Office – Child’s Investment

The child’s compensation payment for the accident injury will be transferred to the Court Funds Office. It will open an account similar to a building society account in the name of the injury child with a unique account number.   As the child’s injury accident solicitors we shall advise the litigation friend accordingly.

The child’s accident and injury compensation settled by solicitors will be held in the Court Fund’s special account which pays interest and or invested in the Ministry of Justice Index Tracker Fund until the child is 18 years of age. The child’s compensation for the accident claims will be invested according with the Court’s and the litigation friend’s direction.

The child’s interest rates are not fixed and are set by the Lord Chancellor.

Child’s Investments

As stated above the child’s accident injury and compensation payment is invested gaining interest on the capital sum or it can be a mixture of interest and Equities. For more information please see the following links.

Interest Rate Investments –  For Current Rates of Interest For Child’s Account

Equity Investments –  For How the Child’s Compensation is Invested In Equities

Relevant Child Injury Accident Links

Child’s Court Approval

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