Child Injures Himself on Wooden Climbing Frame in Nursery

A schoolboy aged 4 suffered a broken leg and laceration to his leg and abdomen when he fell from a wooden climbing frame.

His foot had become caught on a step that was partially missing causing him to fall though the gap in the steps and injure himself.

Immediately after the accident he was in extreme pain. He was vomiting and unable to stand up. He was taken to hospital and underwent an operation.

The child was in hospital for 2 days. It took 10 months for his leg to fully heal and he still has faint scars from the cuts to his legs and stomach.

Valuation of Child Injury Claims

In this child injury claims example, the specialist solicitors negotiated a compensation award for the child.

After 3 years from first instructions the child injury solicitors recovered from the insurance company of the defendant the sum of £3,700 in child injury compensation.

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