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Child Injured in School PE Accident

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Successful Child Injury Claim After Child Injures Himself in PE Lesson

The claimant, received £9,500.00 in child injury compensation for the neck and shoulder injuries sustained in a sporting accident at school.

The child  was participating in a demonstration fall with a teacher during a self-defence class. The child fell back, causing himself injury.

The child  sustained an injury to his neck and  his right collar bone in the accident. The child was admitted into hospital where he underwent x-rays and he was found to have sustained a broken collarbone which caused him considerable pain and discomfort. The child also suffered pain in his neck. His shoulder was put into a sling, and he was excused from school.

The child was studying for exams at the time and the injury caused a lot of stress and inconvenience for himself and his parents.

His Parents decided to see if they could make a child injury claim with a specialist child injury solicitors, as they Felt the school was negligent and responsible for their son’s injuries.

Child Injury Claim Compensation Payout:

The claim was successful and the child received £9,500.00 in compensation for his injuries.

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