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Child Head Injury

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Child Head Injury Solicitors

As child head injury solicitors and child brain injury solicitors we appreciate that a child accident involving the head injury can be traumatic to the child and parents.  Children will be children.  We understand children are more prone to accidents caused in a variety of ways from simple inquisitorial experiences that all children naturally employ resulting in a head or brain injury or due to the negligence or lack of care from adults, schools, councils etc.

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Minor Head Injuries

The vast majority of child head injuries are minor.  A head injury has been defined as any trauma that leads to injury of the scalp or skull.

Many knocks and bumps causing a child’s head injury are minor due to the skull as it provides the child’s brain with protection. The pain and suffering following a minor child head injury usually disappear on their own.  If the child does not lose consciousness and there is no deep cut or wound, it is unusual for there to be any child brain injury. The most common caused for head injury are falls, car accidents and being hit by objects.

However as child head injury solicitor we appreciate that even minor head injuries can be traumatic. If the child’s head injury was caused by a road traffic accident, a slip, trip or fall caused by the fault of another person, the local council or school please call us for FREE NO WIN NO FEE ADVICE.

What Expert Child Head Injury Solicitors Will Do

An head injury to a child it traumatic to everyone concerned.  We are expert child injury solicitors and will do everything to help you with submitting a claim for compensation.  We will do the following:

  • Get to the facts of the circumstances of the accident
  • Obtain all supportive witness statements
  • Submit a claim against your opponent (party at fault)
  • Ensure expert medical advice is obtained
  • Calculate the extent of the compensation
  • Negotiate settlement on the best possible terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Red Cross on their web site has provided guidance and advice to parents/guardians where a child has sustained a head injury.  The link to the most common questions – child head injury FAQs

Further Reading on Dealing With Child Head Injuries

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