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Child Brain Injury Solicitors

A brain injury to a child can be traumatic to the child and family.  When brain injury occurs there is often a great deal of concern and stress for all concerned which can result in a fundamental breakdown of “normal family” life.  It can be devastating, but help can can be sought from brain injury solicitors specialising in compensation claims.

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Serious Brain Injury

A blow to the head, a fall, a whiplash injury in a car, fall from a bike, can cause a child’s head injury resulting in brain damage. Brain damage can lead to drastic consequences. Simply put, injuries to the brain’s blood vessels which bleeds into the brain (particularly between the brain and skull) may lead to a blood clot causing pressure in the brain.  This is known as a “subdural haemorrhage”.  It is the fast changing velocity within the child’s skull following a blow or fall that can stretch and tear the blood vessels that ultimately cause the brain injury.

Symptoms of damage or bleeding may not develop for some hours or days following a blow or injury to the head. However, symptoms can occur even weeks after a child’s head injury. As worried parents it is important that you immediately seek professional medical attention to the child. The most common symptoms if your child has suffered a brain injury are:

  • Concussion
  • Difficulty speaking (slurring their words)
  • Fits/ Seizures
  • Trouble with senses (seeing double/ loss of hearing)
  • Difficulty staying awake

As child head injury solicitors and brain injury solicitors we offer friendly and FREE LEGAL ADVICE.  We will guide you through the legal minefield, ensure your child receives expert medical advice, expert assistance, suitable care provision.  We cannot turn back the clock, but the compensation payment we can obtain for a non fault child head or brain injury accident will help relieve the financial pressure and burden to parents and guardians who may have to give up work to look after the child.  It can pay for the child’s education, care, medical bills, amongst others.

Child Brain Injury At Birth – Cerebral Palsy Claims for Compensation

If your child sustained brain injury whilst giving birth, a common condition can occur if the brain develops an abnormality or is damaged through the gestation period, during the delivery of child and in rare cases shortly after birth. This is know as “Cerebral Palsy.”

Complications and complex legal and medical arguments are often encountered and expert legal advice and assistance will be required.  For more information on brain injury to children at birth please see our web page: maternity negligence claims for further reading.


We are expert child head and brain injury accident solicitors. When you contact us you are dealing with solicitors direct. Qualified and Regulated. We are not a “Claims Management Company.”  We do not pass your claim to a “Panel of Solicitors.” You will be dealing with expert child ahead and brain injury solicitors direct. No middlemen.

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