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Flight Delay Compensation and British Airways

British Airways on their web site provide the following information on how to make a claim for flight delays or cancellations.

“Flight Cancellation and Long Delays: Notification of Rights under EC Regulation No 261/2004 (as required by Article 14.2)

BritishAirways, its subsidiaries and franchisees make every effort to operate to their published schedules. There are occasions however, where it is not possible to do so and a flight may be delayed or cancelled. This notification informs you of your rights under EC Regulation No 261/2004 should this happen; it does not give you any additional contractual rights. This law is applicable to all passengers departing from an airport within the EU and to all passengers travelling into an EU Member State on an EU carrier unless they have received assistance in the country of departure. It is the operating carrier’s responsibility to meet these requirements. This notification also explains how to claim compensation or a refund or reimbursement under this law in respect of a flight operated by BritishAirways Plc or a BritishAirways franchisee operating BA flights in or into Europe.”

How to make a Flight Delay Claim Against British Airways?

We operate a No Win, No Fee, Service and it is simple to claim through us. Please complete our Flight Delay Compensation British Airways Claim Form and we will do the rest.

Where complain against British Airways

British Airways customers:
British Airways plc,
Customer Relations (S506),
PO Box 5619,
CO10 2PG, United Kingdom.

Faxed to +44 (0) 1787 883 195.

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