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Banking Mis-selling claims & Consumer Law

We possess an excellent track record of acting for Claimants in recovering compensation in many legal issues from contract disputes to financial mis-selling of insurance products and services.

Business Loan Mis-Selling (Interest rate swap loans)

If you have taken out a business loan and was advised to take out a product along side the business loan that was suppose to protect you against the rise of bank loan interest rates, you may have a claim for business loan mis-selling. The FSA (The Financial Services Authority) has looked into the mis-selling of business interest rate swaps and considered that there may be a claim for compensation.

The type of business interest rate loan mis-selling are listed below, taken from the FSA web site:

  • swaps – which enables the customer to ‘fix’ their interest rate
  • caps – places a cap on any interest rate rise
  • collars – enables the customer to cap interest rate rises by limiting rate fluctuations to within a simple range
  • structured collars – enables the customer to cap interest rate rises by limiting rate fluctuations to within a range (with a lower ceiling than a simple collar) but involves more complex arrangements if base rate falls below floor limit.

If you are a small to medium size business that has been sold a loan with a swap interest rate product please contact us to see if you have a claim for compensation. For more information about business interest rate swaps mis-selling.

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Foxtons & Letting Agent/Landlord Renewal Fees

We have been helping landlords to recover rent renewal commission fees from letting agents such as Foxtons,Chestertons, Chartwell Residential & Atkinson Mcleod. The Court has decided in favour of landlords and we are already helping landlords recover their rent renewal commissions under a NO WIN, NO FEE, basis. Claims of this type are often called Foxtons commission fees, Foxtons complaints, Foxtons fees, Foxtons commissions, or Foxtons rent renewal fees, simply after the test case of the OFT v Foxtons of which see below.

**Stop Press** Landlord’s Victory v Atkinson McLeod Ltd (24.08.11)

At Brentford County Court Atkinson McLeod lost their claim against our Landlord Client for rent renewal fees. Our Landlord Client counter claimed and recovered over £3,000 in renewal fee commissions. We are awaiting the full judgement from the court which will be posted here shortly.

We have set up a dedicated web site to help landlords defend or recover their renewal fees from letting agents. Please visit our renewal fee web site

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

PPI was often sold with a loan or credit card to protect the borrower if they fell ill or lost their job and was unable to repay the loan. However due to the fact that this type of insurance was often mis-sold, the borrower simply purchased a very expensive piece of paper that was worthless. The mis-selling of PPI was on huge scale and major lending banks have put aside £Billions to compensate victims of mis-selling PPI.

We have set up a team to deal with mis-selling of PPI claims. Over the last 4 years we have recovered £Millions and have set up a dedicated web site to help victims of the PPI mis-selling scandal.

Please visit our PPI web site:

Football Agents & Sports Law

R James Hutcheon Solicitors offer a neiche Professional Service to Football Clubs, Players, Coaches and Managers. We are rightly placed to offer advice to the football industry and in particular to football players and clubs upon the FA Regulations, employment law, contracts, disputes, rights and responsibilities. It is important to note that the FA require player and club when dealing with transfers and contracts to only deal with a licensed agent or registered solicitors.

See our dedicated web site

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