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Audi Recall Letter

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Audi Recall Letter

Audi owners of motor vehicles are now receiving a recall letter following thescandaladmission to correct the software that was applied to your diesel engine to defeat the vehicle emission testing. More on theAudi Diesel Scandalcan be read by clicking on that link. If you have received the VW recall letter please ensure that you understand the letter and contact us toregister Audi Compensation Claim.

Why Should I Register My Audi Diesel Claim?

At this moment Audi have failed to acknowledge that owners of the AudiDiesel engineswhich have installed the defeat software are allowed any compensation. Rather, they have simply offered for the vehicle to be recalled so that the software can be removed and/or make any further adjustments so that your car is running without the defective software device.

However there are no measures at this time to compensation the owners of Audi diesel vehicles to include items of loss and expenses as follows:.

  • Depreciation of the Audi Car – when you come to sell it:
  • Any increase in running costs of the Audi Car – will removing the software affect its efficiency?
  • Increase car tax?
  • Any decrease in performance
  • Time off work to take the VW to be recalled to the Audi Garage.
  • Expenses & Losses for the recall process

Audi Compensation Group Action – Claim Form

Register Your Audi Emissions Compensation Claim

It is simple and easy under ourNO WIN, NO FEE, NO WORRY AudiDiesel Emissions Compensation Registration. Click on the following link to complete your details and we shall send to you our Online Audi Registration Form. Once you have completed that form and signed our No Win, No Fee, Agreement you will be up and running to register your claim.By registering your Audi claim through us you can be assured that you will receive expert legal advice from our Consumer Litigation Solicitors. Please be aware we are not a Claims Management Company so we are qualified to act for you on anyAudi Compensation Register.

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