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Audi Recall Cars Affected

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Audi Recall Car Affected

The Audi emissions scandal has affected many vehicle types and all Audi cars with a diesel engine EA 198 engine will be recalled to put things right. However at this stage it is not clear what will happen to the performance of your vehicle after the recall process has been undertaken and the “fix” applied. In particular:

  • Will the Audi’s true diesel emissions be following the fix?
  • Wil the fix affect its fuel efficiency?
  • Wil the fix affect the performance levels?
  • Will the fix devalue your Audi?

These are all questions that will be answered in due course by Audi itself via the VW Group or under if court proceedings are required.

Audi Recall Cars Affected by the Scandal

Audi has admitted that it had used software for its “EA 189” diesel engines to produce lower emissions than what the engine has actually achieved.

At this stage the following Audi cars may be fitted with the EA 198 engine. A recall letter from Audibe be sent to you. We understand letters have been sent out week commencing 12 October 2015.

Generally TDI vehicles such as 1.2 Ltr, 1.6 Ltr and 2.0 Ltr vehicles sold between 2009 and 2016. The first two diesel engines will require a software upgrade whilst the 2.0 Ltr vehicles may also require new injectors to be fitted.

An Audi spokesman said the affected models include:

Audi A1Diesel Engine Recall Claim -EA 198

Audi A3Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi A4Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi A5Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi A6Diesel Engine Recall Claim -EA 198

Audi TTDiesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi Q3Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi Q5Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

For further reading please visit the Autoexpress VW emissions scandal website. Please note that the links to the Audi models will take you to the Audi official website. The models depicted are for illustration only.

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