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Audi Diesel Scandal – Frequently Asked Questions

At R James Hutcheon Solicitors we have seen a dramatic increase by Audi Owners expressing a wish to Register their interest to make a Audi Emissions Compensation Claim as a result of the scandal. Below we try to answer the most common questions but we must stress that Audi owners should not rely upon the FAQs as legal advice or guidance. If you wish to make a claim, you must Register your Audi Emissions Claim for compensationwith us.

Q 1: Audi Diesel Emission Scandal – What’s it about?

A: Volkswagen, (VW) the owner of Audi Vehicles have admitted that it had used software on certain diesel engines so as to reduce the emission output levels of its vehicles which could be construed to mislead its customers. Many of Audi’s customers purchase diesel engines due to perceived efficiency and low environmental pollution. Certain Audi diesel engines fitted to its vehicles may not live up to these claims. In time we will know the extent of scandal and will be better to advise our Audi clients of their right to compensation.

Q 2: What Audi Diesel Engines Are Affected?

A. Audi diesel engines with an EA189 engine.

Q 3: What Audi Models are affected?

A. This answer is based on the information we have to date but it appears that the following Audi models are caught up in the scandal:

Audi A1Audi Diesel Engine Recall Claim -EA 198

Audi A3Audi Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi A4Audi Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi A5Audi Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi A6Audi Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi TTAudi Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi Q3Audi Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Audi Q5Audi Diesel Engine Recall Claim – EA 198

Further information please see our link: Audi Recall Letter – Cars Affected In The Emissions Scandal

Q 4: I have received an Audi Recall Letter, What Do I Do Now?

A. Follow the advice in the letter. The advice Audi offer is that there are no safety issues. On current information the recall of your Audi will take place in the early part of 2016 and the whole process could be completed in 2017. There are 1.2 m diesel vehicles in the VW Group that are affected.

Q 5: I don’t have an Audi Recall Letter, What Do I Do?

A. Not all vehicles are affected. You may get the recall letter shortly. If you wish to check if your Audi has got an EA189 engine you can do this yourself by obtaining the VIN number (see Question 6 below).

Q 6: How do I find My Audi VIN Number?

A: The VIN number checker on your Audi can be found in the following places on your Audi vehicle:-• Service book• Windscreen – bottom corner – passenger side• Your Audi MMI in car system under “Car” settings
The VIN number is 17 digits long. Once you have found your VIN number click on the Audi VIN Checker website to see if your Audi is affected:Audi VIN checker

Q 7: Audi Diesel Compensation – What Can I Claim?

A: It is early days but the following may be possible:• Compensation for any depreciation of the vehicle as a result of the cheat software being fitted.

Increased fuel costs

Increased car tax/Company Car Tax costs

Out of pocket expenses and losses as a result of the Audi Emissions Scanda

Refund of any company car tax allowance that may be affected by the emission testing

Damages breach of contract

Damages under the Misrepresentation Act 1967

Please bear in mind each item above may or may not be claimed depending upon what evidence is produced by Audi in the coming months.

Q 8: Audi Compensation Register – What is this?

A: Due to the Audi Emissions Scandal, it is likely that in addition to the diesel engine being recalled and adjusted, compensation may be possible set out above. As there is likely to be over a million VW & Audi Customers affected, if each customer took their case to court, it will clog up the entire Legal System. Thus in consumer law cases where the numbers affected are voluminous, it is likely that, unless Audi agree to settle compensation claims fairly, “test cases” may be brought to represent all Audi customers affected.

The bulk of the remaining Audi cases will be on a Group Litigation Register so when the action has been finally determined, all Audi customers on the Group Litigation Register will have their case compensated by what has been agreed in court.

Q 9: Audi Emissions Claims – Do You Offer “No Win, No Fee” Service?

A: Yes, we offer a No Win No Fee Solicitor service. If the Audi Emissions Claims proceed to Court and a Group Litigation Register is required, it may also be necessary obtain insurance but this will be discussed at the appropriate time if necessary.

Important Disclaimer

You should not rely upon this document for legal advice or guidance. Should you wish to take action for Compensation against Audi you must obtain independent legal advice.

October 2015

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