Work Related Deafness Compensation:

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In this work related deafness claim for compensation at work the former employee of the defendant company was said to have been exposed to high levels of industrial noise whilst being employed as a fitter.  The noise was from large industrial drills he used on a regular basis but also from noise from his fellow work colleagues who were working along side him.  He was therefore exposed to noise from various tools and machinery throughout his work place.

Deafness Claims man with angle grinder

The exposure to noise at work was for a period of 12 years.  Over time he noticed his hearing was not what it used to be. At home his wife and children would often complain that the TV was on too loud.  That they often have to repeat what they have to say to time so that he can hear them properly.

At first he denied he had a problem to himself.  Later he thought that his hearing loss might be due to old age (he was 66 at the time he brought a claim for compensation).

Family Convinced Dad To Claim for Work Related Deafness Compensation

However his family, (daughter) looked for help online and saw obtained advice from the deafness compensation solicitors.  After discussing his place of work with the Claimant and taking on board what he was saying and his family the deafness claim solicitors decided that there was a reasonable chance of success at court for compensation.

In order to establish a claim for deafness compensation, the solicitor firstly must instruct a suitable independent expert to test the hearing of the claimant.  This was arranged free of charge to the claimant.

Medical Expert Confirmed Work Related Deafness due to Excessive Noise At Work

The ENT expert advised in a written medical report that he had suffered noise induced hearing loss, in the expert’s opinion, of 13 decibels after deducting age related loss (which we all suffer from).


Above Typical Audiogram performed by expert under hearing test conditions.  Note the ‘ski slope’ dip at 4 kHz and recovery.  This is known as a notch which can be a strong indicator of noise damage to hearing at work.

Compensation deafness at work solicitor agreed with his former employer’s insurance company (who had gone bust many years ago) the sum of £2,400 for his hearing loss alone.  There was no claim for tinnitus which is often also caused by noise at work.  Tinnitus is described by people who suffer from this condition as ‘nosies in the ears’ or a ‘whistling sound’.   Tinnitus can be very distressing if serious it can cause endless sleepless nights and depression.   There is no cure for tinnitus as there is for noise induced deafness.

Contact the Industrial Deafness Claim Solicitors

If you wish to make an enquiry for youself or for someone you know who may have been exposed to noise at work and may be hard of hearing they too may have a claim for work related deafness compensation. 

We operate under a no win no fee solicitor compensation service so you have nothing to lose.  We speicalise in this are of the law which can be complex and a mind field to the unwary solicitor.  Contact us now.

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