A church had a playground for young children of all ages. It was left unaccompanied while a group of children were playing on it. The playground had a side which after assessment was seen as unsafe. The slide had a gap between the rails and the platform, big enough to fit a small child which was the cause of the accident.

The child was accompanied by another child who was three years older. The child was standing on the platform and stood back to let the other child have a go and fell down the gap. The child fell to the floor below and stuck his head. He also sustained a feature to his arm and leg. Thankfully there were no lasting complications and he made a recovery from his multiple child injuries within 12 months but continued to suffer from nightmares and wet the bed for a period of 24 months. The child compensation received was in the sum of £18,000 to be put in a trust fund until he was eighteen.

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