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Whiplash Injury Compensation Solicitors

Whiplash injury compensation solicitors have assessed a whiplash injury to a school boy of just 14 years old in the sum of £2,900.

Road traffic accident case example

The car that the boy was travelling in was stationary when it was hit from the rear by another vehicle. The school boy was a back seat passenger. He was tall enough not to require a booster seat and this evidence was not challenged. The school boy say his GP after three days of pain to his neck that progressively became worse over time. He was diagnosed with whiplash injury and as a result his mother consulted legal advice by whiplash injury compensation solicitors. The solicitors, R James Hutcheon, obtained instructions and submitted a claim via online via the claim portal where all whiplash injury compensation claims have to be submitted where the value of the claim is likely to be below £25,000.

Whiplash injury compensation – how much?

The solicitors instructed an independent doctor to examine the school boy to report on the whiplash injury. It was found that he was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and that he was suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain. He also reported headaches that persisted for a period of 4 weeks. The neck and shoulder movements were reduced by 15% and his back restricted to about 20%. It was the pain that restricted the movements.

Following recommended course of physiotherapy all symptoms resolved within 8 months from the road traffic accident claim.

Compensation for whiplash injury

The whiplash injury compensation solicitors obtained following negotiation with the other driver’s solicitors the sum of £2,900 that was approved by the Court following an independent advice from a barrister.

Mother – whiplash injury compensation claim

In addition to the school boy claim the mother also submitted a claim. However at the time of the accident following reporting the whiplash injury to her own motor insurance company they automatically referred her to their own whiplash injury solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation. However, they did not take on her child’s compensation claim as they did not appreciate the severity of the whiplash injury and considered that the injury would not exceed the small claims threshold of £1000 where solicitors costs can be recovered. As a result and following acceptance of her child’s whiplash claim, she transferred her claim to R James Hutcheon Solicitors who also obtained compensation for the mother.

Here she sustained 11 months whiplash injury to her neck, she was nervous when travelling in a car and took 3 days off work.

Whiplash injury claim how much compensation?

The whiplash injury compensation solicitors obtained for the mother, following a medical examination and published report the sum of £2700 for her whiplash injuries per se and recovered the damage to her motor vehicle and loss of earnings.

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