Whiplash Injury Claim to Mother aged 35 years (12 months)

A mother aged 35 was involved in a road traffic accident and made a whiplash injury compensation claim through her personal injury solicitors.

In addition to the whiplash injury, she also suffered from shoulder and back pain with soft tissue injury to her leg when a box was dislodged and struck her right thigh causing graze and bruising.

She continued her journey to work following the road traffic accident but the pain became unbearable during the day to the extent that she had to leave work early and attended her local hospital. Her employer took her to the hospital as she did not feel capable of driving herself.

She was diagnosed with whiplash injuries and made a claim accordingly for compensation. All personal injuries were soft tissue in nature. There were no fractures.

Motor Insurance Company Solicitors Turned Down by Claimant

She reported the accident to her motor insurance company but she turned down instructing them as she had already instructed her own choice of whiplash injury solicitors. At this point it is important to note that you do not have to instruct your motor insurance solicitors. You have a completely free choice.

Whiplash Injury Compensation – How Much?

Following attendance at hospital she was prescribed with pain killers. She was off work for 8 days. Here returned to work on light duties (she was a nursery nurse) and could not lift and had to be careful when playing with children. She returned to her GP some 8 weeks after the road accident claim and the GP advised that over a period of time she would make a full recovery.

On examination by an expert whiplash injury doctor appointed by her solicitors, the expert was of the view that she would made a full recover as follows:

Soft tissue injury to back, leg and shoulder – there were to be no lasting or permanent cosmetic blemish to her leg.

Her sleep was disturbed for 4 weeks due to accident

Difficulty in domestic chores such as cooking, cleaning which her husband had to take over including looking after two young children.

Whiplash Injury – a full recovery within 12 months £2,400

Upon consideration of the injuries describe above the whiplash compensation claim to be worth £3,000 and the shoulder, leg and back injury £2400. Total award for whiplash injury claim and other injuries was thus £5,400.

She also recovered compensation for her loss of earnings, expenses and damage to motor vehicle.

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