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Whiplash injury compensation on M1 Motorway

A female warehouse operative whilst driving to work on a rainy day was involved in a motorway pile up. There were 5 vehicles involved. She was the last vehicle in the line of traffic to be hit from behind.

Her vehicle in turn, was shunted forward by the force of the impact into the rear of the other vehicle in front of hers.

Compensation for whiplash injury was made

She reported the road accident to her insurers but despite the fact they referred her to their own insurers she had declined the recommendation as she was not happy with Panel solicitors in the past in relation to a previous whiplash injury claim.

After searching for whiplash claim solicitors she contact us for advice and instructed us to make a claim on her behalf.

Whiplash injury compensation claim

The soft tissue injury to her neck lasted or a duration of 9 months. She also banged her left knee on the dash board which was painful for a period of 3 months. She was put on light duties at work due to her whiplash and knee injury for 4 weeks but did not suffer any loss of earnings.

The whiplash injury compensation claim was valued at £2800 in full and final settlement of the case.

Compensation for whiplash injury

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