Whiplash injury compensation calculator

A young driver sustained the following personal injuries when involved in a road accident:

  • Whiplash injuries to his neck
  • Lumbar spine injuries
  • Shoulder injury
  • Travel anxiety and phobia

The Claimant was involved in a high end impact to the side of his vehicle whilst on the main road. The Defendant male driver, pulled out from a side road, failed to see the Claimant’s vehicle and stuck the side of his car causing injury and loss.

The force of impact was such that it deployed his air bag, his face struck the air bag, but his right shoulder also bore the brunt of the collision. The police and ambulance were called and he was diagnosed with whiplash injury together with the other listed multi-injuries described above. Following several months of physiotherapy, the taking of prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets it was reported that he made a recovery some 24 months after the road crash.

Whiplash injury compensation calculator

The compensation for the whiplash injury and other injuries described above would be valued in the region between £3,000 to £3900 approximately. In addition to claim for loss of earnings and other expenses and losses.

For further reading and valuations on the whiplash injury compensation calculator, see Whiplash Injury claims 24 months.

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