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Whiplash injury compensation amounts

A whiplash injury compensation claim arose to a school girl eight aged 10 at the time of the road traffic accident and 12 at the infant approval hearing at court. She suffered from a whiplash injury where the paid also radiated to her shoulder. She also suffered from temporary shock.

At the time of the road crash, she was a front seat passenger, the car being driven by her mother. Unfortunately her mother failed to stop her car in time and collided into the rear of the vehicle in front of her.

After the exchange of details, she took her daughter to hospital where she was diagnosed with whiplash injury and prescribed with some pain killers. For seven days, her daughter was shocked and tearful when travelling in a car. The symptoms reduced over the next 21 days following the accident until about 3 months when she made a full recovery.

Her whiplash injury compensation claim settled for the sum of £2,800. The whiplash injury symptoms lasted 3-4 months post road accident.

Conflict of Interest

As her mother caused the accident, the child required another responsible adult to represent the child to make a whiplash injury compensation claim. In this case it was her father who represented the child to take action against her mother and his wife! The mother may have lost her no claims bonus and had an insurance excess to pay, but her daughter got her whiplash compensation. In any event, she would have been out of pocket any way as the other driver, who she crashed into made a claim against her in any event.

Compensation for whiplash injury

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